Partnership for Poverty Action (PFPA) is always in search of skilled volunteers who would like to work in our community site  or assist us in fundraising, program planning, administration and management.


Volunteer Positions: 

Community Health and Sanitation Program planning volunteer

Volunteers will get involved in assessment & planning of community water,  sanitation, rural healthcare etc.

Livelihoods Program planning volunteer

Volunteers will get involved in assessment and planning of livelihoods programs (crops, fisheries, animal husbandry, small business/entrepreneurship, micro-lending, rural tourism & hospitality)

Rural community infrastructures assessments/design/planning volunteer

Volunteers will get involved in assessment, design and planning of rural community infrastructures such as irrigation canal, health center, training center, women empowerment center, early childhood development center, community-based tourism development infrastructures etc.

Training/capacity development & skills development volunteer

Training & capacity development volunteer will get involved in various training & capacity development programs relevant to their expertize and background.

  • Training – midwives, community health workers, village health workers/volunteers, nurses, family planning, clinic management, public health, HIV/AIDS, community emergency medical response, etc.
  • Trainer – Teaching skills & school management
  • Training – effective/efficient local government, corruption/ethnics, accountability, transparency, social impact assessments, specific government departments, finance, responsible economic development, elections procedures, management, & leadership
  • Training – environmental protection & environmental impact assessment, and responsible land use
  • Vocational training – Radio/TV/Mobile rearing, Bee keeping, Mushroom farming, Fishery, Agro-forestry, Organic farming, Off season vegetable farming, Mason, Plumber, Carpenter/Furniture maker, House wiring, Cooking/Baking, Montessori teaching, Housekeeping, Care giver, Waiter/Cooking, Bamboo Furniture Making, Pickle making, Beautician, Security Guard, Handicraft making, Sewing and fashion designing, Homestay (eco-tourism) management, Goat raising etc.

Fundraising/grant writing Volunteer

Fundraising/grant writing volunteer will get involved in researching and identifying potential donors, cultivating potential donors; and writing grant proposals to obtain grants/donations.

Communication & partnership development Volunteer

Volunteers will work to communicate with PFPA’s potential or existing partner organizations, volunteers and network members.

Volunteer writers/editors 

Volunteer writers will get involved in drafting program concept notes, write blog articles, edit organizational documents etc.

Photography/Videography volunteer

Volunteer Photographer/Videographer is responsible for meeting the video and photography requirements for PFPA’s internal and external communications; pre-production, production and post-production of photography and video projects; and supporting the public and media communications activities of the PFPA.

Web/social media management/IT Volunteer

IT volunteers will responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing all technical aspects of the PFPA’s online presence – websites and social media; works as the administrator to the PFPA’s web and social media sites; and supports the public and media communications efforts of the PFPA.

Rural Development Volunteers:

Early Childhood Education Volunteer

Early Childhood Education Volunteer will work in Early Childhood Development Centers. Volunteers will teach children in participatory methods through games, songs, music, dance, fun activities, pictures, symbols, caricature, humor, cartons, videos and other educational tools.

Child-Friendly Teaching Volunteer

Child-Friendly Teaching Volunteer will mainly teach in primary level using inclusive and participatory teaching methods. Child-Friendly volunteer teacher will create such a teaching and learning environment where moral, social, physical and psychological development of children is easily possible.

Community healthcare volunteer

Community healthcare volunteer will work in rural healthcare center to provide primary healthcare to rural people.

Rural community infrastructures development volunteers

Volunteer groups will get involved in constructing rural community infrastructures identified by locals in the community such as irrigation canals, school classrooms, community centers, community library, training centers, agricultural roads etc.

Public health volunteers

Public health volunteers will get involved in conducting health education programs, field surveys and improving/building public health infrastructures such as school toilets, community water taps, community water reservation tanks etc.

Please contact us pfpanepal@gmail.com for more information.