Partner with Us

Organizations,  businesses, research centers, academic institutions and donors willing to work  in Nepal in PFPA’s thematic areas, can contact us for partnership possibilities. PFPA looks forward to working with all organizations, large and small. We ensure Transparency, Accountability, Local Participation and Environmental Sustainability in each of our programs and projects.

Non-profit/Non-governmental organizations:

  • Any non-profit/non-governmental organization can partner with us to run programs/campaigns in Nepal in the areas of poverty reduction, health, education, water and sanitation, women empowerment, tourism development, agricultural development, human rights and social justice, sustainable development, entrepreneurship development, etc.


  • Businesses operating locally or globally can partner with us to launch their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects/campaigns.

Research Centers:

  • Research centers willing to conduct their research projects in partnership with local organizations in Nepal can partner with us.

Academic Institutions:

  • We have customized international community service projects for university students. Additionally, we also organize student exchange experiences and experimental learning projects as per need of institutions.


  • Donors can support our efforts to run our activities at the community level. If you want to help rural communities with educational support, sponsor a child, or build a classroom, community clinic, or basic infrastructures in a rural community in memory of someone you love, you can contact PFPA for partnership possibilities.