Strategic Planning Framework

PFPA 2014-2019 Strategic Planning Framework Objectives

  • Increase the access, affordability, and quality of primary and secondary education by those in extreme poverty.
  • Provide the opportunity for the poor to be free of debilitating sicknesses and avoidable injuries to allow them to fully engage in productive livelihoods to permanently lift themselves from poverty.
  • Enable poor people, in a personally dignified, culturally appropriate, and environmentally sound manner, to gain a sustainable livelihood to meet their basic needs, cope with and recover from financial stresses and shocks, and create wealth for themselves as a means for ending their poverty forever.
  • Promote human rights, social justice, and equality for Dalits, women, children, and other socially-excluded people.
  • Mobilize and empower rural people to take responsibility for poverty alleviation, human rights, environmental protection, and sustainable development in their communities.
  • Build the human and financial capacity as well as the geographic scope of the PFPA to be a key force and trusted partner in the alleviation of poverty in the rural areas of Nepal.